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GPS & GIS Mapping

GPS devices  for Mapping of underground Services


Development of GPS Technology

The first generation Mobile Mapper Pro by Thales introduced the opportunity to map underground services while locating  the path.  This unit boasted 5 meter accuracy without post-processing and had a cable connection to the 3M M-series locators. This was one of the first “low-cost” mapping GPS devices to be introduced.


Magellan subsequently took on the production of the Mobile Mapper 6 as a successor to replace the Mobile Mapper Pro. This device boasted numerous enhancements such as 3 meter real-time accuracy and 1 meter with post-processing. This device offered Bluetooth communication and operated on Windows Mobile. The touch screen made the user-interface much easier and the device operated like a PDA, allowing users to synchronize data between the GPS and a PC.


Introduction of Mobile Mapper 10

The fabulous Mobile Mapper 10 recently introduced under the umbrella of the well-known GPS manufacturing company, Ashtech The latest enhancements include 2 meter real-time accuracy and half a meter with post-processing. The unit has built-in GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & USB communication facilities.

Furthermore  MM10 have a removable, rechargeable battery which takes 4 hours to charge fully and gives the user 20 hours continuous use. This is a major improvement on it’s power-hungry predecessors .


Our Magellan Mobile Mapper 10 complements the 3M technology for GIS Mapping purposes. The GPS is able to points features (such as cable joints, water valves etc.), line features (cable and pipe routes), as well as area features (parking lot or driveway). Length and area calculations are done automatically.

All underground facilities can be mapped with geo-referenced photographs for future location. Furthermore the 2M pixel camera is useful for site visits where specific details regarding the work required can be documented on site using the touch screen on  Widows Mobile.

The MM10 offers accuracy of 2 meters, which can be reduced  to sub-meter accuracy if the with “post-processing”.


Ashtech MobileMapper software suite includes all GIS features that professionals really need without the burden of complicated and rarely used functions, both on field and office sides.

MobileMapper Field is the perfect solution for GIS data collection,

asset management, area measurements, maps creation and updates. The software is very intuitive and easy-to-use, requiring minimum training. It also provides direct interface to external sensors for a complete field solution.

The Ashtech MobileMapper Office tool can be used to differentially post-process raw GPS data collected with the MobileMapper Field software. Through an Internet connection, MobileMapper Office can automatically find and download the base data files that will match the collected raw data; it will compute corrected positions automatically.


Multimedia & Sensors

¨ Camera 3M Pixels

¨ E-Compass

¨ G-Sensor

¨ Speaker

¨ Microphone



¨ GSM capability

¨ Wi-Fi

¨ USB cable

Mobile mapper 6 GPS

1st Generation Mapper GPS : Mobile Mapper Pro (by Thales)


Development of Mapping Devices













































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2nd Generation Mapper GPS : Mobile Mapper 6 (by Magellan)

Ashtech Logo

NEW Generation Mapper GPS : Mobile Mapper 10 (by Ashtech)

GPS in useGPS Survey

GIS Mapping Solution: Underground services  located with 3M Locators. This system is compatible with Mobile Mapper GPS devices which log point, line and area features simultaneously. Data from the GPS is then exported into GIS Software, thus allowing us to produce AutoCAD and Aerial Photographs of the services  at the respective site. 3M offers Electronic Markers which can be programmed with relevant data for identification purposes in future.  This guarantees accurate location and identification of buried services, without excavation for at least 50 Years!

MM10 GPS screen

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