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Synapsis Software is a software development company which has provided software solutions since 1993. The company has developed a team of skilled staff with capacity to develop customized software solutions based customer requirements. These services include data capturing, customer support and training. The product portfolio is complementary to our locating and marking portfolio, as well as the water management solutions offered to municipalities. Hence we see value in offering these software solutions as part of our product bouquet.




The smart way for Southern African municipalities to achieve optimum levels of service delivery through the implementation of best practices and continuous monitoring of relevant key performance indicators (KPI's) with automatic alerts to municipal management in cases of breach of policies or agreed-on benchmarks for municipal service delivery. 

Cemeteries Management

Electronic system for managing all cemetery functions, including allocation of graves, monitoring burial space and easy search facility for  public queries.

Historical Burial Records

Digitizing of old hand-written registers which are generally dilapidated. These books are restored as far as possible, and labeled correctly. All the information is captured and audited before it is presented to the client.

Customer Care Manager

Customer complaints captured and tracked through the process until resolved. It is therefore possible to give accurate feedback at any stage if necessary. Management can use this tool to measure staff efficiency and reporting. This improves service delivery as unattended calls are automatically escalated to higher level management.

Meter Reading

One of the most crucial tasks for municipalities on water and electricity meters. Our solution ensures that this is done as the effectively which in turn enhances customer satisfaction and improves municipal cash flow.

Playground Manager

Municipalities are the custodians of municipal playgrounds.
By law they are required to ensure that these are safe for children. This package facilitates the management of maintenance programs.

Building Plan Manager

Facilitates the process and tracking of progress.

Zoning Application manager

Facilitates the process and tracking of progress


Business Software

Smart Contact Manager

A highly effective tool to keep you in touch with your customers. Correspondence is automatically personalized according to the nature of your relationship with the recipient. This system ensures that the correct information reaches the right person at a click of a button, and  is designed to assist you in maintaining unprecedented levels of customization. You would even know the interests of your target market  in order to direct information  to people who would actually read it.

Smart Sales Manager

This package facilitates the sales process and compels every sales person to drives their leads through the sales pipeline in the shortest possible time. SmartSales assists your business in keeping ahead of your competitors. The sales team is kept up to speed at all times with regard to   critical key performance indicators (e.g. hit rates, number of active quotes, profit per quote, lost orders, etc.). This is great for sales managers, ensuring maximum control over the sales team in working towards  sales targets. Our SmartSales Lead Tracking & Sales Management is an indispensable tool for any Sales Manager.



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