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Test Equipment: Water Leakage, Cable Faults, Underground Cable/Pipe Locating, GPS Technology & GIS Mapping.
2010PT Ptessure tester

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Cable Fault Location

Adret is a South African brand of test equipment for Cable Fault Location, which has successfully penetrated the local market during the past twenty years. The brand offers an affordable alternative to expensive imported brands without compromising on quality. Not only do we supply this equipment to municipalities country-wide, but demand has grown in export markets such as Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and even Dubai.


The factory is equipped with trained staff and machinery to ensure speedy repairs and technical support as required. These repairs extend to other brands as well. Clients therefore benefit from shorter lead times and also save on the cost of shipping faulty equipment abroad.

Surge Generators:

 5kV 750 joules

 16kV 500 joules

 32kV 1300 joules

 32kV 2000 joules


Ground Microphones:

 GMA 105 with LCD display

 GMA205 (low cost) with analogue display.

 The microphones are available in tri-pod or wind protected (elephant foot) options.


Fault Pre-Location Scopes:

 PCA 100 (basic TDR scope for telecoms, traffic lights & street light maintenance applications)

 PCA101 (three functions)

* TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer)

* Impulse Current (interface with surge generator)

* Arc Reflection (requires AE101 Coupling Unit)

 PCA 201 Laptop PC based TDR with all PCA101


Proof testers:

 Pressure Testers

 2010PT-20kv DC

 3010PT-20kV DC

 3042PT-30kV AC + 42kV DC (single unit)

 7010PT-50kV AC + 70kV DC (split unit)

 8010PT-56kV AC + 80kV DC (split unit)

 10010PT-70kV AC/100kV DC (split unit)


 VLF Testers

 VLF 28kV

 VLF 60kV


Safety Products:

 Phasing Sticks -

There are various adapters available such as the Magnafix adapter, 500mm and 700mm extensions, spike tips, high voltage proving unit and Angle extension for testing OCBs.

All high voltage connection tips are kept well away from the operator and there is an optional high voltage proving unit, for additional safety, which is designed to be used before and after a test to verify the operation of the meter and neon indicator (PS/2 Model Only)


 Flash suits - Safety protection against

 25+ CAL

 40+ CAL

 90+ CAL

 100+ CAL

The CAL rating is known as the ARC THERMAL PERFORMANCE VALUE (ATPV) and is presented in calories per centimeter square and represents the maximum protection capability withstand a possible Electrical Flash .


 Cable Positive Identification: To identify target cable before spiking

 CI75 (625Hz AC)

 CI200 (DC unit


 Spiking Gun

When power cables are being identified for rework, it is always necessary, after positive identification, to make sure the cable is not live. The spiking gun is a device designed with safety in mind. The instrument drives a chisel through the conductors to ensure a short circuit which would cause the circuit to trip in the event that the said cable was still live. Thus confirming that the cable is safe to work on.

 Spiking gun with accessories


 Custom Fitment: Vehicles & Trailers

 We also do custom fitment of equipment into vehicles and trailers on request. This would include supply and fitment of generators, complete wiring and cable reels.

 Numerous municipalities and contractors enjoy the convenience of our custom fitment.


32 kV Surge generatorPCA 101 TDR ScopeGMA 105 Ground mic Digital displayGMA 205 Ground mic

Fault Pre- Location Scopes

* PCA100, PCA101 & PCA201

Ground Microphones

* GMA 205 & GMA105

Surge Generators

* 5kV - 750j

* 16kV - 500j

* 32kV - 1300j

* 13kV - 2000j

Cable Positive ID Sets

CI75 & CI 200 DC

Pressure Testers 2010PT & 3010PT

CI75 Cable ID setTest vanTest trailerTest Trailer inside

Mobile Systems - Custom Installations & Combo Systems


Adret LogoPCA 200 PC based TDR ScopeFlash suitFlash suite protectionSpiking gun applicationSpiking gunAccessories for spiking gunPCA 100 ScopeAE101 Coupling unit5 kV Surge generator3010PT  Pressure Tester16 kV Surge generator

AE101 Coupling Unit for Arc Reflection

28 kV VLF

28kV VLF

Phasing sticks

Flash Suits

Cable Spiking Gun & accessories

Phasing sticks

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