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Tantim demonstrates Electronic Markers for RDP Housing

Tantim recently introduced 3M’s Electronic Marking System to the Department of Human Settlements in Limpopo Province. Minister Tokyo Sexwale was present at the demonstration which coincided with a “hand over ceremony” where RDP houses were being issued to residents in the area.


This innovative technology affords government the opportunity to address some of the concerns associated with the allocation of RDP housing. Communities express dissatisfaction with the fact that some officials appear to be abusing the system by fraudulently issuing homes to friends and family who have not followed the prescribed application process. This solution allows the department tackle certain aspects in a bid to correct mal-practice and change perceptions where these are proven to be unjustified.


The relevant beneficiary data is pre-programmed onto the marker with the option to permanently lock the data so as to prevent future tampering. Furthermore the marker can be encased in the concrete floor

during the construction phase, ensuring it remains there permanently. Markers require no maintenance at all, which ensures information could be stored securely for more than 50 years.


Officials can therefore conduct audits at any time by simply using the locator to read and confirm the data. This will be of great benefit for dispute resolution. This marking system is compatible with GPS technology and is able to inter-face with IT systems to ensure accurate data management. Our software solutions can be combined with the Marking system to prevent duplication when houses are allocated, and furthermore to ensure that such allocation is done ethically (first come, first served).

3M 12 watt Pipe/Cable/Fault & Electronic RFID Marker Locator

3M introduced the new 3M Dynatel  2500 Series Locators, Designed to be more accurate, faster and more integrated than any other locator on the market. 3M Dynatel 2500 Series provides solutions for virtually all challenging underground locates encountered in the field. The new 2500 series not only encompasses the best of 3M Dynatel locating technology, but also provides more active and passive frequencies, higher power and a new trace view mode. This new mode presents an intuitive map display showing the utility path combined with a precision peak antenna based array to provide the utmost confidence in utility location. Furthermore, all M-Series locators are compatible with select GPS field mapping instruments for real time mapping of electronic marker or pipe and cable facilities for easy future locating and identification, while eliminating associated risk.


New Mobile Mapper 10 Mapping GPS

Geographical Information Systems and Location Based Services are strongly penetrating a wide range of applications and organizations. The growing need for geo-localization is naturally boosting the demand for efficient and affordable data collection

solutions. Ashtech® is leading the GNSS democratization to enable a wider access to professional mapping.

Today with Mobile Mapper 10, it is possible to massively deploy a professional accurate GIS receiver to any field work force. Mobile Mapper 10 is compact and lightweight, offering a complete, easy to use mapping solution for real-time collection of meter accurate data. With Mobile Mapper 10, organizations

will improve the quality of their geo-referenced information and their productivity with direct positive impact on operational costs.

Boost Your Mapping Productivity

¨ Log your assets in real-time with meter accuracy

¨ Connect field and office work force for maximum proactivity

¨ Reach sub-half meter accuracy with post-processing

New 3M 2573 MID

3M 2573 Locator Screen3M 2573 MID Locator12W Transmitter with rechargeable battery3M Rechargeable battery kit3M Dyna Coupler3M Electronic MarkersTantim Technologies in actionGovernment banners Limpopo HousingRDP Houses allocated at LimpopoTokyo Sexwale @ DemoElectronic marker demoMM10 GPS in use

Mobile Mapper 10

Mobile mapper 10 GPSExplosion 1: Explosion 1: NEW

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