Text Box: Tantim Technologies
Test Equipment: Water Leakage, Cable Faults, Underground Cable/Pipe Locating, GPS Technology & GIS Mapping.

Product Overview

Text Box: Service Location and Electronic Marking 
Cable, Pipe & Marker Locators
Target Line Tracing
Scanning for Damage Avoidance purposes
Cable Identification
Sheath Fault Location
Electronic Markers for Buried Utilities
Marking critical points on buried network
Identification of specific facilities
Warning of hazardous services
Security of important features

Text Box: Electrical 

Cable Fault Location 
Cable Diagnosis & Fault Location
Proof Testing 
Integrity testing before commissioning
Safety Products
Cable Identification
Cable Spiking
Flash Suites

Text Box: Water Leakage & Demand Management 

Data Logging  Portable & Telemetry
(Flow, Pressure, Depth & Temperature)
Leak Detection 
Acoustic Noise loggers 
Leak Listening Sets
Flow Measurement 
Ultrasonic Flow Monitoring

Text Box: GPS Technology for Utilities Mapping

Hand-held GPS Devices 
Logging point, line & area features
GSM Communication
Geo-referenced pictures for site visits
Full interface with 3M locators 
Data uploads to GIS Systems

Text Box: Software Solutions 
Municipal Software
Cemeteries Management
Meter Reading
Customer Care
Building Plan Manager
Zoning Application manager
Smart Contact Manager
Smart Sales Manager
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New Water Products coming Soon!!!

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