Text Box: Tantim Technologies
Test Equipment: Water Leakage, Cable Faults, Underground Cable/Pipe Locating, GPS Technology & GIS Mapping.

Projects & Services


While our main focus is on supply of equipment, we do collaborate with others service providers on special projects offer leak detection, fault location and utilities mapping services. 


Leakage Detection & Water Demand Management

Our services include data logging (flow & pressure), leak detection and localization and well as Pipe locating and electronic marking.

In a recent project on the East Rand in Johannesburg, we collaborated with a prominent consulting engineering company on a meter consolidation project for a local municipality. Our reports included flow and pressure logging, geo-references photos, and accurate accounts of existing infra-structure.


Utility Scanning, Location and GIS Mapping

We  offer underground Service Location, Electronic Marking, and GIS Mapping of underground facilities, to clients who do not wish to purchase the equipment, or do not have the resources to deploy their own teams. Tantim has successfully rendered this service around the country. Our expertise in cable and pipe location affords us the opportunity to do utility scanning and GPR surveys on behalf of contractors and consultant engineers.

Recent projects were conducted on behalf of SANRAL on the N3 route to Durban. We subsequently worked on a second project along the N4 in Pretoria. We conduct full plant surveys on two waste water treatment plant sites for damage avoidance purposes. These projects included scanning & GIS Mapping of all utilities.


Cable Fault Location

We have capacity to do Cable Fault Location and cable identification. Our highly skilled and  experienced teams have a track record in fault location. We strive to minimize your down time as far as possible. Clients who have been enjoying the benefit of our services, include local water utilities, mines, consultant engineers, as well as industrial manufacturing companies. Our success and professionalism has resulted in repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising.


Cemeteries Management

Through partnership with Synapsis Software, we have introduced an Electronic Cemeteries Management System to  Municipalities. This intervention has brought about a significant change in internal processes and has simplified procedures with regard to administration at cemeteries. As a result efficiency and levels of accuracy have more than doubled. Historical burial records were captured electronically. The booking system allows for better controls and reports as well as speedy resolution of queries. The use of electronic markers with GPS technology, has made it possible to pin-point the exact location of specific graves, giving the public peace of mind in knowing that they are being pointed to the correct burial site. 3M Electronic Markers will ensure positive location in future (tested up to 50 years). The benefit of using this technology lies in the fact that graves can be pin-pointed accurately, with ease. This solution ensures that any query related to location of a specific grave , can be finalized within minutes




Our technical team carries out assessment and minor repairs on our products and similar products of other brands. Equipment requiring major repairs, would be shipped to the manufacturer after authorization form the owner. Electrical test equipment is repaired locally, thus reducing your down time  substantially.




Tantim offers training  on cable and pipe locating, Water Leak Detection, and Electrical Cable Fault Location. We offer basic hand-over training to our clients who have bought equipment. More advanced courses are offered to these and other clients according to their requirements. Technicians are equipped with the necessary skills to enable them to use the equipment so that end-users derive the maximum return on their investment.



































































GIS Mapping of water services

Water Demand Management

All meter connections are confirmed, with flow and pressure logged data. Meter details with correct numbers and GPS co-ordinates are confirmed (including assessment of meter condition).

Logged data provided on a graph and a picture of the meter provided as well as an aerial photo of the location with all GIS data.

Utility Marking & GIS Mapping

Marking of UG facilities and GIS mapping for future reference

Electronic marking of buried utilities

Damage Avoidance Scanning

Utility Locating & Mapping along N3 between De Hoek Plaza and Pietermaritzburg 

Leak Detection

Flow Rate/Drawdown Test

Pressure Logging

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